Updates - Nov 16th

Posted by Christine Philipson on Nov 16 2009 at 09:24AM PST

Morning All;

So,…lots of news,.. :-)

1) New schedule – watch for changes!! like same date/time as before,..but different arena (ie – this sunday)

2) Pictures from the 1st and 4th game of the tourny should be posted on by the end of this week.

3) Our Broadways Restaurant #is 1575, pls remember to tell your server when they make your bill. 10% comes back to the team. (tell your friends!)

4)Check out our sponsors on the website! Please support them. Thanks!

5)Please post your pics and videos from the weekend,…then you can pull anything you want from the website that you like.

6)Don’t forget to please mark down attendance for the upcoming practices and games,..tell us if you are coming that day. So far we have 3 players for Saturday night’s Exhibition Game,…

7) Jackets and shirts,…
Poll – who wants a jacket? some already have one,…we’re going to do it with another team and get a better price,…
Poll – Shirts – I’d like to get a shirt for each player,…cost approx ~12 – who wants one? Everyone in? I’d like to design and purchase them before Christmas.

8)In future games,…we’d like to pass out jerseys and family members are welcome to wear them during the game.
Lets start this Saturday night! So please wash those jerseys this week,…(remember,…no dryers please! – just hang them to dry)

Ideas? thoughts? pls send them,…thanks
– Chris


2009-11-16T14:49:14.000-08:00November 16 2009, at 02:49 PM PST, Cam Caughey said:

Kevin mentioned a practice on Thursday but it is not on the schedule… can you add it?



2009-11-16T19:27:13.000-08:00November 16 2009, at 07:27 PM PST, Christine Philipson said:

Hey Al,…unfortunately,…we lost that practise time,…next ice time is the game on Saturday now.
– Chris

2009-11-17T19:05:45.000-08:00November 17 2009, at 07:05 PM PST, a former user said:

We’re in for the jacket and the shirt idea (depending on the design – not sure what you mean).

2009-11-19T06:12:54.000-08:00November 19 2009, at 06:12 AM PST, Cam Caughey said:

tell me more about the jackets…